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Punishing for iPhone is a action game specially designed to be fully-featured role playing game.

Key features

This article tells you everything you need to know about Punishing, including how to download and install for free !

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Gameplay and walkthrough video reviews

Following are some short videos of how to use Punishing for gray purposes. It's always a better idea to preview how this action game work before downloading the Punishing.ipa.

1. Punishing Gray Raven "Global" English - First Gameplay (Android/iOS)

2. 10 Worst School Punishments Ever

Is it good?

has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated raven game. What makes it successful? It is very easy to use for such a solid action game with built-in fast features. Well, as a top-performing game with an overall rating of 3.96 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

Been playing this since launch and it has been a fantastic experience. It plays like a blend of Nier and Devil May Cry but with anime styled graphics and a large cast of playable characters due to its gacha system. Unlike other gachas it is very skill based as the combat is nuanced with lots of room for skill expression. In terms of gacha is it definitely F2P friendly, you can guarantee every new character without paying a cent. All rewards from events are also obtainable for non spenders once they have a decent sized roster built up. My only complaint is that the content patches are fairly spaced out, about 5 to 6 weeks apart, so there are some weeks with little to do. The global version is still early in its lifecycle and is missing many QOL features and game modes that other servers have. But it’s catching up fast and each patch feels like an expansion pack with the amount of content that is added. Overall I’d say PGR is a must try for action RPG fans, it’s a console level experience on mobile with tons of content planned for the next few years. It can be challenging at times but as long as you stay persistent and you will overcome and seeing that tangible improvement is a very rewarding experience!
I’m gonna be completely honest ive been playing this since 10pm today and ive already recieved all the story rewards you get for completing story quests im on chapter three quests now and im not earning any more rewards pls add more ive progressed a decent ampunt in such a short time and also pls make credits for the weapons and characters more availabe please im hardly earning any and the only reason im able to get characters and weapons is with my gold tickets saving up to get the x10 spin but again for all the quest ive completed i feel slightly underewarded but aside from that i love everything about your game please update soon❤️. ok so up update you need to reload the app if you want to unlock the next chapters quest rewards down at the bottom for progressing through the story.
In my opinion, PGR has a good story, or at least up to the first 6 chapters, because that’s where I’m at now. It’s not amazing, just good. The combat feels very satisfying and the music is just built different. From the get-go with global launch, we had a decent amount of endgame content and Kuro is still adding more over time. The gacha system seems a lot nicer than other gacha games I’ve played. I don’t normally spend on gachas, but I’m willing to support this company as they grow. Kuro Game has showed that they really care about this game and it isn’t just a cash grab. Also, for all the people upset with the global treatment at launch, the company already cleared up the controversy a long time ago by explaining why everything happened.

Download Punishing free for iPhone and iPad

In order to download IPA files follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Apple Configurator 2 app to your Mac.

Note that you will need to have macOS 10.15.6 installed.

Step 2: Log in to Your Apple Account.

Now you have to connect Your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable and select the destination folder.

Step 3: Download the Punishing IPA File.

Now you can access the desired IPA file in the destination folder.

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